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I know my last update was way LONG ago, but I have a good reason. Over the course of the past 2 months I have been preparing for a huge fundraiser/giveaway. So let’s start with the fundraiser 5 W’s (Who, What, When, Where, Why) and I’ll move on to the cool stuff I’m giving away later on.


The Goal: Do a fundraiser and a giveaway to benefit 2 organizations to raise as much funds a possible during the Holiday season.






The fundraiser will be for both the Charities: Child’s Play (www.childsplaycharity.org), and IPUL or Idaho Parent’s Unlimited (www.ipulidaho.org).




Child’s Play is a non-profit 50(3) Organization that raises funds to donate gaming equipment/software/centers to Children’s Hospitals around the world





IPUL is a also a 50(3) non-profit organization but instead provides services to Parents (with/without kids who have/don’t have disabilities), and providers in the State of Idaho.







In August I received a bunch of signed Halo memorabilia thanks to the crew at 343 Industries and Microsoft. The list of what I am auctioning off and who for I have posted below:



Child’s Play

Signed by 343 Team- Halo Fall of Reach Boot Camp Individual issues #1,2,3,4.

Signed by 343 Team- Halo Fall of Reach Covenant Individual issues #1,2.

Red VS Blue Large T-Shirt

Signed by 343 Team- Halo Legends DVD

Signed by Todd McFarlane- Halo Reach Series 2 Grunt Minor Action Figure

Signed by 343 Team- Todd McFarlane Halo Reach Series 3 Action Figure Spartan Specter Set



IPUL- Idaho Parent’s Unlimited

Signed by 343 Team- Halo Fall of Reach Covenant Individual issues #3,4.

Signed by 343 Team- Halo Fall of Reach Invasion Individual issues #1,2,3,4.

Red VS Blue Large T-Shirt

Signed by 343 Team- 1st Print UNOPENED Copy of Halo Combat Evolved Platinum Hits for the Original Xbox**

Signed by 343 Team- Xbox 360 Wired Controller

Signed by 343 Team- McFarlane Halo Reach Series 4 Action Figure Infection set

Signed by 343 Team- McFarlane Halo Reach Series 6 Action Figure Team Objective set


Note* To see the photos of the items please visit this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cH4Hxl5VGwY&feature=youtu.be

Note** This item is VERY, VERY RARE! Because this is the biggest autographed halo memorabilia in the entire auction, I highly recommend you save your coin for this!  




Auction: November 8th to 20th, 2012

Freebie Giveaway: October 5th to November 20th, 2012





Auction will be online at EBAY.com.

Freebie Giveaway: www.facebook.com/dogiojoeswebb






Currently I am a Board member for IPUL, and I am required to do fundraising, but since I’m a gamer and I love Halo I figured I would combine the two and create a huge annual fundraiser. I know that most bidders don’t know about IPUL, so I decided to donate to Child’s Play as well.



How do I do this? Simple. The stuff I am auctioning off in the list above will be 100% donated to the organization I listed it for. So for example: Child’s Play gets a signed by Todd McFarlane set while IPUL gets a signed Xbox 360 wired controller. So is this fair? I think so, because I basically split the gifts down the middle between both non-profits. Don’t want to support IPUL but instead support Child’s Play (or the other way around)? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!



BUT WAIT! There is MORE…



I know that most of you may not have a dollar to spare so instead of being left out I am personally donating my non-signed individual issues of the Halo Fall of Reach Series. For doing one or more of five things you can possibly score one of them for your very own collection!



Subscribe to my YouTube channel- earn 5 entries

Subscribe to my Facebook page- earn 3 entries

Follow me on my twitter account- earn 3 entries

Tweet about this contest- earn 2 entries

Write about this huge fundraiser in your own blog/website and provide the link- earn 25 entries!

Go to the  www.facebook.com/dogiojoeswebb to see the links to sign up for the freebie giveaway






This fundraiser is available to anyone over 16 or has parental consent. Shipping for the freebie, and EBAY auction is NOT included. Rates & Types of Shipment will be discussed between Dogiojoe and Winner. I will ship to ALL countries around the world. 

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