Why You Love Halo Contest Winners! Plus a new fundraiser!

I have seen some really neat entries into the Valentines Halo Contest over the past 2 ½ weeks. Though there were less than 10 entries overall 4 categories, I have decided to give everyone who entered a code. Those who entered will be contacted via Facebook, and will have until March 10th  at 11:59pm MT to respond on which code they want: A male avatar code, or a female one.



On another note, I am pleased to announce another fundraiser that will be taking place starting on Saint Patrick’s Day, Sunday March 17th, 12pm MT. The item?? A signed limited edition copy of Halo 4, brand new, still sealed! Specifically LE #499135. This copy was bought before they became all sold out, the retail price before it was sent to 343 to be signed… $100 USD.

I will be auctioning this off for the IPUL- or Idaho Parent’s Unlimited Charity, where 100% of the profits will go to IPUL. During the auction, the winner can be located anywhere in the world, as I will ship it per USPS International regulations. The winner will have to pay for shipping. The auction will last for 7 days therefore ending on the following Sunday, March 24th, 2013 at 12pm MT.



Note that the goal is to raise at least $250, but considering how rare this item is, I’m pretty sure it will go around $1000. So between now and March 17th, save up your money as this will be an exclusive item signed by most of the Halo 4 Development team!



Note that I cannot identify most of the signature’s because I am not familiar with the development team other than Frank O Conner (which I don’t think he has signed this), and BS Angel (Which she HAS signed this). However if you can identify some of them please message me via Facebook and I will add them to the following list of people who have signed this LE Copy of Halo 4.



Here are the photos of the Signed LE Copy of Halo 4:




List of known Signers (Updated Daily):

BS Angel




List of those famous who DID NOT Sign this:

Frank O Conner


That's all for now, so see you on St. Patty's Day, and remember to wear green! (Not to get pinched, but to celebrate John 117's MJOLNIR Armor skin!)


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